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User Manual

Leveling and Loremaster Guides

Zygor Guides is available in a number of different guide types which cover different aspects of the game. Generally, Zygor Guides works pretty much the same across these guides types but there are a few special cases or unique features specific to a certain guide type. The following sections will explain how each guide is to be used.

The Leveling Guide is specifically designed to take you from 1-90 in the fastest time possible. It is a great guide to get you started if you are new to Zygor Guides.

New Character:

If you create a new character the Zygor Guide addon should automatically load the correct starter guide for your character.

Existing Character:

The Zygor Guide addon should also automatically detect the proper guide guide for your pre-existing characters.

Note: If for some reason it is unable to then it will start off blank and you will need to manually select which guide you would like to load. Click the orange Guide Picker button and click the Suggest tab which will display all the guides available for your character.

Sometimes you may see more than one option all within the same level range. The entries will be listed based on which zone is the shortest distance away from you, as well as what percentage of that guide you've already completed.

Note: If you've never used our guides before but the percentage indicitates you've already completed a portion of a guide it is because you must have already completed some of the quests found in that guide.

We also provide scenic screenshots of the different zones if you would rather pick a zone based on how appealing it looks to you.