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User Manual


Farming refers to the act of collecting valuable items to sell on the Auction House. Technically, this includes both items dropped by mobs, AND, items collected using a gathering profession (Herbalism, Skinning, Mining, ect.), however, because "gathered" items require you to level up a profession, the guide divides these two forms of farming into separate sections, one for pure mob farming, the other for gathering profession farming.

The nice thing about the farming section is that it can be used right away without having to level a profession. Also, since all the items farmed are useable trade goods the chance of selling them is much higher.

Scanning For Current Pricing Data

Before using any section of Zygor's Gold and Auctions guide you should scan the Auction House to make sure you have the latest prices. To get the latest pricing data you need to speak with an Auctioneer. You can easily find one by clicking the Find NPC button on the guide viewer and selecting Auctioneer. The Travel System will use the waypoint arrow to direct you to the closest Auctioneer.

When you bring up the Auction House panel you should see the Zygor Auction Tools snapped to the right. If you do not, click the Z tab to open them up. We will go into more detail about the Auction Tools in a later section, for now, click the Scan button to update your pricing data.

Gold Guide - Sell panel

This should only take a few seconds to process, and you can monitor the progress with the Status Bar at the bottom of the Auction Tools. When it finishes the Last Update time should say "less than a min ago". Now you're ready to start making gold.

How To Read The Farming Interface

Click the Farming button at the top of the Gold Guide to access the farming guides that are available. The guides are displayed in a table format and organized into several columns of information. Here's a breakdown of what each column means:

Gold Guide - Farming


The guides are automatically listed in descending order of most profitable items to farm. The number column makes it easy to see where each item/route ranks in the list.


The name of the gold earning item/s in this farming route.


What zone the farming route is located in.


How much gold this route is estimated to generate in valuable goods per hour.


The estimated time this route can be used for before reaching this items demand on the Auction House. Demand is the average amount of the item that was seen on the Auction House between server scans.

EST. Gold

The estimate amount of gold you will earn running this route for he full amount of Time.

Advanced Farming Tooltips:

You can see the "work" that was done to calculate the figures of each column by viewing the advanced tooltips for each guide. Hover your mouse over any guide to see this extended data.


All of the profitable items with stable markets will be shown above the gray line. All items below the line are either not considered profitable or have unstable markets. The Advanced Tooltips have several columns of information to display as well, which are:


This column shows the names of the valuable items dropped by this mobs in this farming guide.


The Price column shows you the current price the item is selling for on the Auction House based on your most recent scan.


This column tells you how many pieces of this item are estimated to drop per hour using this route.

Note: All rates are based on the farming rate of a level 100 character with maximum flying speed.


Demand is the estimated amount of each item the Auction House supports, based on the usual amount of stock seen throughout our scans.


The Status column is used to provide extra details about each item if they are needed. If the market for the item is unstable it will not be included in the calculations for the route.

Sorting Results

The Farming section has two modes of display: Easy and Expert.

Modes of display


In Easy mode, only items that are in more demand than can be farmed per hour of farming are shown. For this reason, these items are expected to sell faster than others.


In Expert mode, all items are shown, which means some of the recommend items are long term investment that will take a while to sell on the Auction House.

Filtering then results

You can also filter the results by the type of item you want to farm including: Cloth, Elementals, Food, Gems, Misc, or All.

Using The Farming Guide

Once you've decided which item you want to farm, double click the entry in the list to load it, or click the orange Load Guide button.

The guide will then open into the Zygor Guides Viewer. The Travel System will kick in and begin providing directions. Follow the instructions below the Waypoint Arrow until you arrive at the farming spot.

Guide Viewer

The text in the Guide Viewer will tell you which mobs drop the valuable items you should focus on collecting. As you collect items it will begin tracking how much you have of each type and update the display in realtime. The % percentage shown at the end of each line will show you visually how close you are to reaching the demand for that item. Once reached you can keep farming but it's recommend that you move on to other profitable items/routes to diversify your trade goods.

The guide also provides an Gold Tracker which will give you a readout of how much gold your estimated to have earned off the items you farmed.

When you're doing farming you can choose to farm another route OR click the the line at the bottom to "sell your items".

Zygor's Gold and Auctions Guides provides a number of tools to help you with selling your farmed items.

Click here to begin learning about them or proceed to the next section to learn about Gathering.