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Leveling guide
World of Warcraft Classic
Leveling Guides
Platform: PC/Mac
Leveling guide

Leveling in WoW Classic is a slow, lengthy process, but you can reach max level in a fraction of the time with our fully in-game Leveling Guides. Breeze past your friends and guild mates with our fast and optimized 1-60 questing path for both the Alliance and Horde factions.

Classic World of Warcraft.
Classic Zygor.

Updated for Season of Discovery

With the upcoming release of World of Warcraft: Classic you'll be able to once again experience the game as it existed long ago, but with that cames a harder difficulty and less linear questing that makes having a guide an absolute necessity.

Just like Blizzard is offering a classic version of the game we're bringing back our original Vanilla guides along with most of the newer features found in our modern guides. These are the guides that put Zygor on the map for demystifying and streamlining an otherwise complex version of the game.

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In-Game Guide

Fully In-Game Guide.

All the core features you've come to love from our Battle for Azeroth guides will be available, including the Guide Viewer, Auto-Equip, Quest Reward Advisor and more.

Travel Arrow

Travel System.

Back in Vanilla our guides never had our Travel System feature which automatically generates directions to any location, but we will have it for Classic which means getting around will be a breeze, especially compared to the old days.


Talent Advisor.

The Talent System is drastically different in Classic and the choices you make have a huge impact on how your character plays. As such, we've brought back our original Talent Advisor which will provide you with the best builds to increase your attack power and survivability.

Zygor Guide Viewer 8

Zygor Guide Viewer

Like our other guides, the Classic guides are fully in-game and displayed right on your screen with our free Zygor Guide Viewer AddOn. This enhances your leveling experience with amazing time saving and quality of life options like auto-accepting quests, world map fog of war removal, auto selling gray items, gear recommendations, and more.

Class Training Reminder

Making sure you stay on top of your spell training is vital to effective leveling in the classic versions of the game.

Since it can be easy to forget this we have an optional Class Training Reminder feature that can pop up and alert you whenever you have new spells available, and sort them by Critical, Optional, and Upcoming.

Smart Injection System

In the classic versions of the game it can be harder to just jump in if you haven't done the necessary pre-quests because quest chains are rigidly tied together.

Our Smart Injection System's Quest Catchup feature finds the best place for your character to start in the guide and then checks if you’ve done the necessary pre-quests. If you’re missing anything, it will dynamically backtrack you through any pre-quests first so that you can get in perfect sync with the recommended starting point.

Season of Discovery

Our guides have been updated to support the all new Season of Discovery mode for World of Warcraft: Classic. This includes full power leveling guides to reach level 25, 40, 50, and 60, during each phase, updated recommended talent specs, Rune Engraving guides, and all new End Game quest guides. *

Our Rune guides will show you where to find all the major runes for each class and how to unlock them.

* Due to there being no PTR for SoD, this is an update in progress. For the latest information please see our blog and release notes.

FAQ Section:

Which guides will be available for World of Warcraft: Classic?

Our focus will be solely on Leveling Guides when World of Warcraft: Classic launches. We would love to consider making more guide types but it will all depend on how successful WoW Classic is in the long run.

Will all the same features be available in the WoW Classic Guide Viewer?

The Guide Viewer, Waypoint Arrow and Travel System are the main features we have planned for launch. We also expect to have Auto-Equip, Quest Reward Advisor, and the Talent Advisor. More features will be added later.

Will there be a free trial for the WoW Classic Guides?

Yes. We will be releasing a free sample of our WoW Classic guides which you'll be able to try in our Free Trial.

How much will the WoW Classic Guides cost?

The WoW Classic guides will be included as part of the Zygor Elite membership. There is no additional charge as long as you are an active Zygor Elite member. You can sign up here.

Will customers who purchased standalone versions of the guides recieve WoW Classic guides?

We consider WoW Classic the same as any new WoW product such as an expansion, and all new Zygor WoW products are only available through a Zygor Elite subscription as of March 1st 2018 when Standalone Product upgrades ended.

WoW Classic Hardcore Guides

Our WoW Classic guides have been updated for the new WoW Hardcore servers where dying even once means having your character deleted forever.

These guides are based on our standard Classic Leveling Guides but have been modified to account for the unique conditions of the Hardcore mode such as avoiding quests/mob encounters that are difficult to survive or training in spells that don't make sense for Hardcore. They have also had any deadly shortcut strategies, such as dying on purpose to save time, removed.