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    Quote Originally Posted by sabredance View Post
    I, too, don't have a facebook account and for personal reasons will not get one. I don't understand why it is so important to be on facebook. I bought and paid for information to improve my play on WoW. I certainly have got my money's worth and have no complaint there. I don't begruge anyone who wins or enters the contest. I also don't understand anyone who does as this contest isn't something we paid for but just a gift from a nice vendor.
    I would hope that in the future IF you have another contest, include all of us. But in the end, it is not something we paid for so I cannot make any demand.
    That's exactly how I feel. Well said!!

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    Indeed well put, i share this opinion

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    Im Sorry im Don't have a FB account.

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    Please offer alternate way entering contest you have a huge number of loyal customers that don't want nothing to do with the government spying system Facebook

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    I entered the contest, but seeing all the comments on people who don't have Facebook. if I might make a suggestion for the future? I use Dugi's guide as well and they did a contest giving out the spectral tiger mount. But the way they did the contest, they did it in game. created an add-on for you to download, you would download it, go in game farm tiny treasure chest for an hour and then submit your screen shots to the website. This could be an idea to help include those without Facebook. I mean, not the exact same contest, but they chose it in game and a way to track it. so maybe you can do something like that or use the forums.
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    great guide guys, looking forward to the update

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