Title, Reputation & Macro Guides

Gain Respect and Feel Entitled

In World of Warcraft, there's a lot that revolves around earning reputation with the various factions. You can unlock rare items, pets, or mounts - but among the most sought after rewards in the game are titles.

Titles are like a trophy you wear above your head for all your fellow players to see how amazing you are. With Zygor Titles & Reputation Guides, you will be able to easily earn dozens of titles to showcase your skills!

Make Some Mac & Keys

You may have heard someone at some point talking about Macros, and wondered to yourself about what exactly they do and how they're created. Or may have even tried to make them yourself and found it was difficult, so became discouraged.

With your Zygor Macro Guides, we not only supply you with tons of pre-made professional macros, but also educate you on how to make your own custom macros from scratch!

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