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    Is it still safe to use?

    I been thinking about starting on Zygor guides again, but i cant seem to find out, what zygor did, there make it safe to use? I dont want to end up with a banned account..

    I would like to heard how many of you guys use it? and has there been any banning yet?

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    Hello Googus,

    Yes the guide is still safe to use. The team modified the way the guides operate in version 2.0 to comply with Blizzard's new ToS agreement. There have been no such reports regarding banned accounts for using Zygor's Guide, so it's still safe for you to use while leveling. Hope this helps!

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    Oooo I'm curious now, what was the previous problem regarding their Terms?

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    The thing is, you can't charge for the actual addon, because thats against the terms of use. Zygor is however charging for the guide itself. The addon that makes said guide visible ingame is free of charge. Call it a work-around or a loop-hole, as long as it works it works

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    Ah i see. I thought it was implying something bad.

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    As far as I can see, use of paid add-ons won't result in a banned account but rather the add-on developer being the subject of legal action from Blizzard. Has there ever been a suggestion from Blizzard that *users* of paid add-ons could have their accounts banned?
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    Well Blizzard dont ban the account for that. Instead they ban the addon in game so you cant use the addon.
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