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    Herbalism/Inscription Guide

    I need to farm some low level (1-70) herbs in order to level inscrition. I chose inscription guide & it sent me to gather 70-150 herbs. I then made sure to check the box for disable step progression & chose herbalism. The herbalism guide STILL steps beyond the step i need to farm level 1-70 herbs. it starts on step 1 then skips to step 3 then skips again to step 15. I want to farm herbs at step 6 but the guide keeps skipping that step. WHY? I though disableing step progress was supposed to fix that!!!

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    That option is still experimental so it might not be working correctly. You can still hold the Ctrl + Alt keys to step thru the guide with the buttons to get to that farming path.
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    Thank you for the information. I was not aware that you could step by using control/alt - click.

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